Tissue Procurement Core

The Tissue Procurement Core (TPC) Facility is jointly supported the Carver College of Medicine (CCOM) and the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center (HCCC).  The goal of the TPC is to make well-characterized human biospecimens (tissue, blood, etc.) available for current research studies and to store frozen human biospecimens (usually tumor and normal tissues, blood, and derivatives) for future research studies.  Stored biomaterials are suitable for molecular genetic, biochemical and pathological studies.  The Core also facilitates the use of Formalin Fixed, Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) tissue from UIHC Pathology archives or from the Iowa Residual Tissue Repository.  Link to IRTR.

The TPC works closely with the Molecular Epidemiologic Resouces in the HCCC to facilitate specimen acquisition for their biorepositories.  To learn more about the MERs, please visit their web page on the HCCC web site.  Link to MERs.

Investigators seeking human biospecimens and data should contact the UIBioshare the service manager (Laura Jacobus) for an initial consultation regarding available resources.  

Investigators who need to obtain human tissue samples from the TPC should begin by contacting our office (select "Contact Information" in the navigation panel on the left).  After a consultation with the TPC you will be directed to our web application to formally establish your project and request biospecimens.  When appropriate specimens are presently stored in the TPC archives, projects will be fulfilled retrospectively. If appropriate samples are not available and the request will require prospective collection of biospecimens, C. Michael Knudson, MD, PhD, the Facility Director or a TPC staff member, will contact you to discuss issues pertaining to feasibility of collection.

All requests for tissue will ultimately require submission of a completed application form (select "Add a New Request" in the navigation panel on the left) and a signed usage agreement form (available from the Core once the project request is approved).  Completed applications will be forwarded for review to the Tissue Utilization Committee.  The Committee will recommend approval or disapproval.  Priority will be given to those studies that are supported by peer reviewed funding or foster collaborative work.

For citations in manuscripts, please use the following text:
“The author(s) would like to thank Rita Sigmund, Joe Galbraith, Dee Even and Michael Knudson of the University of Iowa Tissue Procurement Core facility (TPC) which manages the University of Iowa Biobank (UIBB – IRB#201103721) for services provided related to acquisition of study specimens and/or data.  The TPC is supported by an award from NIH (NCI award number P30CA086862) and by funding identified by the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.”

For additional information, you may view two PowerPoint presentations at the following links.

TPC 2016 HCCC poster:  view

TPC 2015 ISBER presentation:  view